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Science is considered a common good on which the development of society is based. Creation and application of new knowledge and technologies fosters the development of economy and society as a whole, and a better decision-making process. The development of science is the central point of the overall Croatian development.

The main purpose of the science policy of the Republic of Croatia is to stimulate scientific and technological progress as one of the key factors of social and economic development. The development of science in Croatia should be oriented towards achieving excellence, as well as compatibility and co-operation with strategic partners in Croatia, Europe and further afield. Only internationally recognized, high-quality scientific activity and an appropriate transfer of research to the environment can be the basis for development.

Pursuant to the Act on Higher Education and Scientific Activity the objectives of the scientific activity in the Republic of Croatia are:

1. Broadening and deepening scientific knowledge;

2. Contribution to addressing scientific, social, economic, cultural and development challenges of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia;

3. Creating innovations and patents;

4. Fostering sustainable development;

5. Making scientific programmes and projects competitive;

6. Linking science and higher education.