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The Agency for Science and Higher Education carries out part of the procedure of initial accreditation of higher education institutions, pursuant to the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education (OG 45/09) and the Ordinance on the Content of a Licence and Conditions for Issuing a Licence for Performing Higher Education Activity, Carrying out a Study Programme and Re-Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions (OG 24/2010). The initial accreditation is carried out in accordance with the Procedure for the Initial Accreditation for Performing Higher Education Activity. The procedure starts with the applicant submitting a request for performing higher education activity to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The application and supporting documents, as stipulated by the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act, including the description of a study programme and necessary Annexes, should be submitted in a written and electronic form (CD) and prepared in compliance with the Guidelines for Writing Study Programme Proposal.