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Project team of the Tempus project WBC – Virtual Manufacturing Network – Fostering an Integration of the Knowledge Triangle has prepared for public debate the proposal of new regional model of cooperation between universities and enterprises. The University of Rijeka is involved in the project among Croatian partners, and the project’s grant holder is the University of Kragujevac from Serbia. As the project deals with the integration of so-called “knowledge triangle“, which consists of education, research and innovation in enterprises, through the establishment of sustainable and effective cooperation of all key actors, the achievement of national and regional consensus on the proposed model, and its further implementation in the Western Balkans is of vital importance. To this end, the publication called WBC Regional Model of University – Enterprise Cooperation has been prepared. The structure of the publication includes representations of:

  • EU legislation, incentives and achievements in the areas of cooperation between universities and enterprises;
  • The current situation in the area of Western Balkans, the available resources, perceived needs and constraints;
  • Examples of the EU best practice, through case studies carried out with 15 EU universities;
  • Proposed model, ie. the set of recommendations for the modernization of the universities in the region, and its getting closer to the needs of society and economy, that is the establishment of sustainable structures and mechanisms that should support the cooperation with enterprises and launch innovations.

The public debate will last until May 30, 2010, and the model will be additionally improved by the proposals and suggestions of key actors, through discussions at the upcoming information days that will be organized at 8 university centers in the WBC region, as well as through numerous individual meetings and discussions with representatives of line ministries, Regional development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Business associations and other interest groups.
Printed publications will include the changes and additions received during the public debate and agreed upon at the regional level. Its issuance is planned for June 2010, after which it will be distributed throughout the region and beyond.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to the project’s e-mail address, or at

The publication