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Pursuant to Article 24 of the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education (OG 45/09), and following international best practices, the Agency for Science and Higher Education carries out thematic evaluation in higher education.

The thematic evaluation in higher education is carried out either on official duty based on a decision by the Agency’s Accreditation Council, or following a request from the Minister, higher education institution, or student council of the higher education institution.

Upon the completion of the procedure, a report is drafted by a panel of experts, containing the level of compliance with the subject of evaluation.

In case of a negative review, the Agency can initiate a re-accreditation procedure on official duty, or at the suggestion of the Minister.

Past thematic evaluations in higher education:

Thematic evaluation of compliance with minimum criteria in the procedures of approving new study programmes of public universities

Thematic evaluation of doctoral study programmes in the Republic of Croatia