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The thematic evaluation assesses similar subjects or activity areas of one or more equivalent subjects.

The Agency ex officio conducts the thematic evaluation based on a decision of the Agency’s Accreditation Council, or following a reasoned proposal from the minister.

The thematic evaluation procedure is initiated by the Agency’s first activities for the purpose of conducting the thematic evaluation, and may last no longer than one year from its launch. The procedure is carried out in accordance with Article 18, Paragraphs 1 and 2, of the Law on Quality Assurance (151/22). Based on the report of the Expert Panel, the Accreditation Council delivers a reasoned opinion containing a quality assessment of the thematic evaluation for each evaluated scientific institute.

The Agency submits the reasoned opinion to the scientific institute and the competent ministry. On the basis of the reasoned opinion, the Agency may initiate the re-accreditation procedure.