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University and professional studies are organised and delivered at Croatian higher education institutions.

University study programmes qualify students to work in science, art and higher education, the private and the public sector, and society as a whole, as well as to develop and apply scientific, artistic and professional achievements.

Professional study programmes qualify students for the work in the private sector, the public sector and society in general.

University study programmes are organised and delivered at universities and consist of the following: undergraduate university studies, graduate university studies, integrated university studies, specialist university studies and doctoral studies.

Short-cycle studies are organised and delivered at polytechnics and universities and consist of professional short-cycle study programmes, professional undergraduate study programmes and professional graduate study programmes.

Higher education institutions can establish professional development programmes for the purposes of lifelong learning, which lead to the acquisition of competences aligned with the occupational standard or the set of competences and the qualification standard or the unit of learning outcomes from the Register of the Croatian Qualification Framework, as well as the distinctive obligations of students for the purposes of changing the studies or enrolling in the studies, completing previously started studies and recognition of competences acquired outside of the studies, which are a condition for enrolment in the studies. The professional development programmes for the purposes of lifelong learning are not considered studies, and can be financed through vouchers for the purpose of participation in the workforce.