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During the period of 2007 – 2009 the Agency for Science and Higher Education carried out procedures of evaluation of 24 scientific organisations, in line with the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education (Official Gazette 123/03, 105/04, 174/04 and 46/07) and Ordinance on Evaluation of Scientific Organisations (Official Gazette 39/05).

External evaluation was carried out on the basis of evaluation documents adopted by the National Council for Science. The documents which then defined the procedure of external evaluation of scientific organisations are the following:

Form for scientific organisations

Form for the panel of experts

The basis for carrying out the procedure of external evaluations were self-evaluation which scientific organisations had to draft on the above mentioned form, as well as site visit and interviews with representatives of scientific organisation.

Members of the expert panel were nominated at sessions of the National Council for Science.

After the visit, members of the panel delivered their final reports to the Agency which sent them to the evaluated organisation for comments prior to discussion at the National Council. All final reports about carried out evaluations were published at the Agency website, and the Agency made and published analysis of all evaluations.

On the basis of carried out procedure of evaluation and reply from the scientific organisation, the National Council for Science adopted final recommendation (along with the measures to improve quality) and sent it to the minister of science, education and sports who, based on this, issued or denied license, or issued a letter of expectation.

Following evaluations, the minister was recommended to issue license for 8 organisations, letters of expectations with the duration of three years for 7 organisations, and denial of license was recommended for 7 organisations.


Institute of Economics, Zagreb     

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Osijek  

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb     

Physics Institute, Zagreb     

Institute for International Relations, Zagreb     

General hospital Zadar     

Faculty of Science, Biology Department, Zagreb     

Agricultural Institute, Osijek     

Forest Research Institute , Jastrebarsko     

DEFIMI d.o.o., Zagreb

Elektroprojekt, projektiranje, konzalting i inženjering d.d.

Croatian Institute for Bridge and Structural Engineering, Zagreb

INETEC – Institute for Nuclear Technology, Zagreb

Institute for Social Research, Zagreb

Energy Institute, Zagreb

Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Zagreb

Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Zagreb

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar