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Accreditation recommendation is an independent expert opinion by the Agency based on a conducted evaluation procedure.
With accreditation recommendation, the Agency recommends to the Minister to:

  • issue a confirmation that the requirements for performing the activities, or parts of the activities, are met, if the accreditation recommendation is positive
  • deny a license for performing the activities, or part of the activities, if the accreditation recommendation is negative
  • issue a letter of expectation with a time limit of up to three years to remove deficiencies; for the higher education institutions can also include the suspension of student enrolment for the specified period.

In case of discontinuation of work of higher education institution due to denial of license, the Ministry shall, at the recommendation of the Agency, brings forth measures to assure the continuation and completion of study for the students of the higher education institution in question. This can also be applied to private higher education institutions, in which case the implementation of measures is the financial obligation of the founder.
Accreditation recommendations published on the Agency web-site that include the suspension of student enrolment, relate to the period from the academic year 2012/2013, upon issuing the final document by the minister, unless a higher education institution beforehand provides evidence that it fulfils necessary requirements.