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The 2014 ENQA General Assembly took place on 16-17 October in Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE).

Minister of Science, Education and Sports Vedran Mornar, Ph. D. took the time to greet participants and emphasised in his speech the significance of quality in higher education, especially in the context of the Bologna Reform implementation. He furthermore stressed the importance of enhancing evaluation procedures, at both national and international level.

Furthermore, Director of ASHE, Jasmina Havranek, Ph. D. greeted participants in a video message and expressed her pleasure at being able to host this year’s Assembly and to use this opportunity to strengthen international positioning of ASHE and promote Croatian higher education system. The audience was also addressed by ENQA’s President, Padraig Walsh, who presented the draft ENQA Strategic Plan for the period 2016 – 2020.

This two day event gathered around one hundred participants, representatives of QA agencies, ENQA members and other QA experts in higher education from Croatia and Europe who used this opportunity to discuss topics of quality assurance. The first day of the Assembly was open to all interested parties. The main themes were the ENQA Strategic Plan 2016-2020, the revision of the ENQA review process, and findings on the SEQUENT project on promoting excellence in using information and communication technologies in higher education. The second day, 17 October, reserved to members and affiliates only, was dedicated to formal organisational and administrative proceedings.

The host of the Assembly, the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education is a full member of ENQA since 2011, which proves its reliability as a quality assurance agency working in the European Higher Education Area.  

Presentations of the speakers can be accessed on ENQA website.

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