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In line with the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Europe Higher Education Area (Bologna Process), the main objective of the Enhancing the Use of Mobility Tools for Recognition project is to promote the existing European recognition tools and to facilitate academic and professional mobility of students and workers.

The use of the mobility and recognition tools will increase transparency of foreign qualifications and facilitate a fairer recognition, thus enhancing the chances to improve employability across Europe.

The activities within the project will therefore consist of joint face-to-face trainings and transnational seminars for higher education institutions, public administration bodies and employers in the participating countries: Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and France. The national trainings (theoretical and practical modules) and transnational seminars will aim at promoting and sharing good practices related to the use of the existing mobility and recognition tools, such as the European qualifications framework, national qualification frameworks, Europass, Diploma Supplement, ECTS credits and the EAR-HEI manual.

National ENIC/NARIC Office of the Agency for Science and Higher Education is one of the partners in this project that is coordinate by the French CIEP The duration of the project is two years.