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As a member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education – INQAAHE, the Agency for Science and Higher Education participated in its April conference.

This year’s conference was for the first time held in the United States, in Chicago, and was titled Changing Landscape of Higher Education: New Demands on Quality Assurance. This was an excellent opportunity for the INQAAHE member agencies to present how they implement the network’s Guidelines of Good Practise in Quality Assurance, which are to be amended in the following period. The participants emphasised the challenges they encounter, stressing that the new version of the Guidelines should further support the agencies’ independence.

The topics discussed at the conference included the impact of external quality assurance on the further development of higher education, novelties in the development of higher education systems, differences among quality assurance systems across the world and internationalisation.

The Agency is an active and full member of the global network which gathers about two hundred agencies for quality assurance in higher education from all over the world.