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The reaccreditation procedure includes a check of compliance with minimal legal conditions and an independent review based on quality criteria. The aim of the Self-Evaluation Report (SER) is to demonstrate compliance with the listed conditions and present the (high) quality of the doctoral programme in the best possible manner. The higher education institution(s) delivering the programme – usually the department/people in charge of the programme – draft the SER making sure that:

  1. A separate SER is written for each doctoral programme.
  2. SER follows the criteria for assessing quality (ASHE has created a draft template which can be used and adapted as necessary).
  3. The SER should be submitted with the following attachments: Tables 1 and 2 filled in, a sample of research thesis proposals, theses and candidates’ individual plans, and the strategic programme(s) of scientific research (research strategy of the HEI(s)). Other relevant documents and evidence (e.g. ordinances/ quality assurance documents) can also be attached.
  4. The SER text (without attachments) should not exceed 50 pages.
  5. Before submitting the SER, HEI(s) need to make sure that relevant databases – including MOZVAG and websites with bibliographic data (CROSBI or similar) – contain accurate and up-to-date information.