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After the end of the follow-up period, as set by the Accreditation Council, higher education institution submits a report to ASHE, based on which the Accreditation Council determines to what extent has the higher education institution implemented recommendations for improvement.

In case the higher education institution was issued a confirmation on compliance with the requirements for performing the activities, or parts of the activities, the follow up includes the following steps:

  • within 6 months after receiving the confirmation, the re-accredited institution adopts an action plan aimed at quality improvement, and submits it to the Agency,
  • once a year, the re-accredited institution submits a report to the Agency on the implementation of the action plan, and, accordingly, updates the data on the conditions in the information system used by the Agency.

Action plan template

In case the higher education institution was issued a letter of expectation, the Agency recommends one of the following:

  • issuance of a confirmation on fulfilling requirements for performing the activity or part of activity
  • denying of a license for performing the activity, or part of the activity. 

Within its report on the implementation of the action plan for removing deficiencies identified in the re-accreditation procedure, higher education institution follows the recommendations of the expert panel, describes the changes made on the basis of these recommendations, and provides supporting evidence thereof (e.g.  decision on changes and amendments to study programmes, decision that regulates the issue of supervisor being a member of the thesis defence committee, decision on the appointment of a committee for monitoring the work of supervisors, regulations and decisions showing changes and amendments to doctoral programmes, list of papers/projects, etc.).

The required documents are submitted in printed and electronic form.