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ASHE signed a cooperation agreement with CHEA (The Council for Higher Education Accreditation) International Quality Group.

The Agency is a full member of CIQG, which is one of preconditions for signing the cooperation agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to promote partnerships with agencies and organisations dealing with accreditation and/or quality assurance and work toward a shared understanding of quality. To that end, CIQG published the document titled International Quality Principles in 2015.

The document addresses seven principles (quality and higher education providers, quality and students, quality and society, quality and government, quality and accountability, quality and quality assurance bodies and quality and change) which are intended to serve as a framework for a shared understanding of quality for accreditation bodies in the world. Signatories to the agreement are invited to affirm and use these principles and values and encouraged to pursue ongoing improvement.

CIQG was founded in 2012 by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) – American association of accreditation agencies and higher education institutions promoting quality in higher education. Its goal is to provide a forum to address issues and policies and foster the importance of quality assurance in higher education at the international level.