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On the 24th November 2016, Assistant Director of the Agency for Science and Higher Education Igor Drvodelić presented the results of data analysis on enrolment in ICT and related studies (computer science, information-communication technologies, mathematics and business computing), which has been done for the third consecutive year. The presentation was held as part of the presentation of results of the eSkills for Jobs initiative, in which ASHE is one of the partners.

The analysis was performed on data from ASHE’s Central Applications Office, which is the central body for applications to all higher education institutions in Croatia, and was collected through the National IT System of Applications to Higher Education Institutions.

„The interest of young people in ICT studies is continuously growing“, said Igor Drvodelić. The percentage of candidates for ICT studies from the total number of applications was 9%, or rather there were 18118 applications for enrolment in the technical-computing studies. Regarding the schools that produced the biggest number of ICT applications, top places are still held by vocational schools, while a smaller number of applications come from gymnasiums. However, the interest of students from both types of schools is on the rise.

The analysis showed positive trends in the interest, the number of applications and the number of enrolled students, as well as a general increase in the interest of young people for ICT studies. These are positive and very important results, and a message for the labour market. However, the analysis also revealed an alarming information that a significant number of students drop out during their first year of study.

“The ICT studies’ drop-out rate is a challenge that should be taken up not only by higher education institutions, but by all stakeholders who have made an effort to popularise these studies among young people”, concluded Igor Drvodelić.