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ASHE took part in the project „In Pursuit of Full Equality between Men and Women: Reconciliation of Private and Family Life“ in cooperation with MAMFORCE association. As part of the project, audit was carried out with a focus on evaluation of working conditions in ASHE, implementing family responsibility and gender equality policies with special emphasis on the adjustment of working conditions to parents of small children, the possibility of gradual return from maternity leave, the opportunities for professional development, advancement and uniform gender representation in managerial positions. 

The methodology applied in gathering information for the purpose of audit included the following phases:

  1. Filling out questionnaires about the policies, practices and measures that support family responsibility and gender equality;
  2. Conducting an employee survey that gives insights into their perception of existing practices;
  3. Qualitative research by interviewing the employees.

MAMFORCE STANDARD is awarded to organizations that have successfully undergone audit and implemented measures proposed following the review procedures, in confirmation of implementation of family responsibility and gender equality policies in the human resources management.

ASHE was awarded MAMFORCE STANDARD in November 2016 and the Agency thus became the first public sector organization which was awarded this standard in confirmation of implementation of family responsibility and gender equality policies.

Following the analysis of the carried out measures and achievements made, the Agency gained the right to an advanced MAMFORCE STANDARD which was awarded to the Agency in December 2017.  

More information available here.

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