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Upon invitation of the Student Council of the University of Rijeka, the ASHE Assistant Director for Higher Education, mr. sc. Sandra Bezjak, participated at the workshop on quality assurance in Rijeka on 22 April 2017.  The workshop was attended by the Student Councils’ representatives of all University of Rijeka constituents, representatives of students in quality committees and other students interested for quality assurance topics.

The aim of the workshop was to familiarise students with ASHE activities, especially with the re-accreditation of higher education institutions and plans for its further implementation in the second cycle in order to encourage them to get more involved in mainly external, but also internal evaluation procedures.

The President of the Committee for Quality Assurance and Improvement at the University of Rijeka, Professor Sanja Smojver Ažić, made a presentation for students about the activities the University carries out in the field of internal quality assurance with special emphasis on the improvement of the procedure of collecting feedback from students.

In a joint discussion, the students themselves gave their recommendations for further improvements of quality of study at the University of Rijeka.