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A cycle of workshops for career advisers Karijeriranje (Careering) started with the workshop How to prepare students for the challenges in the labour market? held on 22 March 2018 at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin.

The workshop was led by Katarina Pažur Aničić, Ph.D., head of the Student Support and Career Development Centre at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics.  

It brought together 25 representatives of higher education institutions – career advisers, vice-deans and other representatives of HEIs engaged in student support activities and cooperation with the labour market. By using the application Maturity model for supporting higher education graduates’ early careers created within the Higher Decision project, participants were given the opportunity to assess their HEI’s capability for carrying out certain practices and activities by key process areas contained in the maturity model. They were also introduced to the examples of good practice both at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics and the careers centres at foreign universities.

A series of workshops titled Karijeriranje (Careering)is organized by the Agency for Science and Higher Education within the framework of the ESF project SKAZVO. The aim of the workshops organized by ASHE is to provide support to higher education institutions in developing professional guidance service and the sustainability of career centres. ASHE also strives to encourage the establishment of new centres and the employment of competent staff which would help students in defining educational goals, developing practical skills in demand in the labour market, which will actively contribute to the linking of higher education and labour market.