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A public discussion on recognition of foreign professional qualifications in the field of biomedicine and health was held at the University of Zagreb on 2 April 2019.

The event brought together representatives of the University of Zagreb and the University of Rijeka, representatives of all professional chambers in the field of biomedicine and health, representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Ministry of Science and Education and ASHE’s representatives.

The aim of the discussion was to further raise awareness of competent state and public authorities and institutions regarding the problem of obtaining the right to exercise regulated professions in the field of biomedicine and health in Croatia, on the basis of foreign professional qualifications, in particular the ones acquired in so-called third countries (outside the EU). The issue of recognition of foreign qualifications acquired in third countries raises certain questions and causes technical problems that can be solved by further encouraging an open cooperation between all relevant stakeholders and by addressing these problems on a higher level and in a broader context, thus placing them under the adequate authority of competent expert bodies – as concluded at the discussion in view of assuring the quality of work and services in the field of biomedicine and health in Croatia.