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Pursuant to the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education, the Agency for Science and Higher Education is tasked with the following:

1. carrying out external evaluation procedures stipulated by the Act,

2. carrying out the evaluation of programme contracts,

3. carrying out the procedure of recognition and evaluation of foreign higher education qualifications,

4. encouraging the acquisition and expansion of knowledge and research on the system of quality in higher education, research and artistic activity in the Republic of Croatia and training expert panel members participating in external evaluation procedures,

5. gathering and processing information on the system of higher education, research and artistic activity,

6. providing information and unifying data on the conditions of enrolment to higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia,

7. carrying out tasks of cooperation and participation in international associations and networks working in the quality assurance of higher education and science,

8. carrying out evaluation of higher education institutions and research institutes abroad,

9. other duties pursuant to relevant regulations.