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Prof. dr. sc. J. Havranek

Welcome to the website of the Agency for Science and Higher Education!

When we talk about higher education and science, we often say that they are the drivers of the economic and social development of each country. For these systems to be a true driver of change, it is important to ensure the necessary quality level.

This effort lies at the heart of our mission, according to which ASHE encourages the continuous development of quality assurance at higher education institutions and scientific organisations, which in turn contributes to the development of the creative potential of individuals for the benefit of the entire society and enables the acquisition of internationally recognised qualifications.

The Agency for Science and Higher Education was founded in 2005 and, in compliance with the then legislative framework, it was responsible for providing professional and administrative support to the National Council for Higher Education in the implementation of external evaluation procedures. According to the Act on Quality Assurance, in 2009, the Agency for Science and Higher Education became the only national public body responsible for carrying out independent external evaluation in higher education and science.

Our beginnings weren’t easy as we had to face numerous challenges, notably while promoting the importance of quality assurance. Some of those involved in the system know that at first the process was not running smoothly nor easily, but they pointed out the good basis on which public higher education institutions stand as well as the good beginnings of a series of private higher education institutions. As soon as the first procedures were carried out, it was evident that the role of the Agency is not only to check whether higher education institutions comply with the necessary criteria and standards, but also to initiate the development of the system as a whole.

This is being realised thanks to the ongoing dialogue and the development of a partnership with the academic community which is provided with a helping hand.

The fact that throughout the years we had complete independence while working and creating procedures also contributed to this. Our guiding principle was to use the same approach to all institutions. By carrying out different evaluation procedures, and other activities as well – from the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications, applications to study programmes of higher education institutions, scientific field committees and field committees, provision of support to strategic and professional bodies in the system – we put together a comprehensive picture of the higher education system with clear paths for further development in relation to its needs and new demands.

Thanks to the support of numerous members of the academic community and their critique which is equally necessary for our growth and development, together we accomplished a great deal. Considering that “quality is a journey, not a destination” (Jennifer James), there is still a long way ahead of us. The higher education system changes under the influence of different factors such as technology, social and also political changes at the international level. These circumstances pose a challenge to quality assurance agencies, including ASHE, but also create new opportunities.

Prof. Jasmina Havranek, PhD,

Acting Director

Prof. J. Havranek, PhD Curriculum Vitae