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MOZVAG is an information system supporting quality assurance procedures implemented by the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE).

Within the framework of ongoing evaluations, in particular the institutional re-accreditation, higher education institutions are obliged to submit a considerable amount of data to MOZVAG, in accordance with the relevant regulations. This data relates to different activities and resources of the higher education institution (study programmes, courses, teaching staff, scientific and professional productivity, and other data depending on the requirements of a particular evaluation process).

Development of MOZVAG into MOZVAG2

MOZVAG was initially developed for the purpose of accreditation of study programmes at the time the Bologna model of study was introduced at Croatian higher education institutions. The University Computing Center (SRCE) developed the MOZVAG information system in 2005, in collaboration with the (then) Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Agency for Science and Higher Education, and the National Council for Higher Education. The system was primarily intended to serve as a tool for submission of HEIs’ data within evaluations of new study programmes according to the Bologna standards, but continued to be used in evaluation procedures conducted by ASHE.

In order to improve the process of collecting and processing of data on higher education institutions in future external evaluation procedures, the existing MOZVAG system has – in several stages – been upgraded to MOZVAG2.

Interoperability of MOZVAG2 with other information systems

One of the most important features of the upgraded MOZVAG2 information system is the improved interoperability with other information systems from which the existing data on higher education institutions and their activities can be retrieved. The systems from which data can be transferred to MOZVAG2 are the following:

Improved interoperability allows for a transfer of specific data sets into MOZVAG2, if such data already exist in another information system.

The ISVU information system is maintained by SRCE, while the information systems of the Croatian Scientific Bibliography-CROSBI and the Database of Project Activities in Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Croatia (Project Database) are maintained by the Centre for Scientific Information of the Ruđer Bošković Institute.

ASHE Department of Analytics and Statistics, in collaboration with SRCE and Centre for Scientific Information of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, organises regular workshops on how to work with the upgraded MOZVAG2, CROSBI and Projects systems.

MOZVAG Directory of study programmes

The MOZVAG system also serves as a database of accredited study programmes in the Republic of Croatia; the programmes can be reviewed via the Directory of Study Programmes, available in Croatian and English on ASHE website. The Directory provides basic information on all accredited study programmes delivered by Croatian higher education institutions to interested parties at both national and international level (potential students, foreign ENIC and NARIC offices, etc.). In line with relevant regulations, the official register of study programmes is maintained by the Ministry of Science and Education within the Register of Study Programmes.

Do you have additional questions?

For all questions regarding the MOZVAG2 information system, you can contact the Department of Analytics and Statistics

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