Skoči do sadržaja

ASHE was visited by Professor Martin Trethewey, PhD, with a long-standing academic career at the prestigious U.S. Penn State University on 14 October 2016. He held a presentation for ASHE employees on higher education quality assurance in the United States.  

Professor Trethewey stressed the importance of quality education and high expectations in terms of quality of academic staff. ASHE employees became familiar with the work of Penn State University, the process of selection of students, the system of promotion of academic staff, organization of student internships, alumni clubs, the ways the University is connected to the business sector, and the like.

Professor also stated that institutional evaluation of quality assurance in the U.S. is carried out by the regional agency Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and that there are certain bodies for programme accreditation of certain areas. He stressed that accreditation procedures contribute to better prominence and reputation of higher education institutions.

ASHE employees presented the most important characteristics of the Croatian system of quality assurance and activities carried out by the Agency.