Skoči do sadržaja

Since Croatian accession to the European Union, the Ministry of Economy as well as various other bodies of public administration have established a number of contact points and tools to provide citizens, entrepreneurs and competent bodies with quick and free access to information on their rights and opportunities at the EU internal market. In order to further help citizens in accessing such information, the Ministry of Economy has established the European Union Internal Market Centre which connects the contact points and tools to provide a one-stop-shop to citizens.

One of these contact points is the Agency for Science and Higher Education National ENIC-NARIC Office as the national contact point for providing information on the recognition of professional qualifications to citizens and contact points in other member states of the European Economic Area.

The establishment of the Internal Market Centre will help citizens in finding the necessary information, while the coordination and networking of the competent bodies in Croatia will contribute to the competiveness of the Croatian economy and exports.