Skoči do sadržaja

In line with the 2014/2015 Re-accreditation Plan, 33 higher education institutions were visited during March, April and May. The remaining site visits will take place in autumn this year.

In March, expert panels visited the University of Zagreb faculties of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Dental Medicine, Textile Technology and Veterinary Medicine, as well as the University of Applied Health Sciences, also located in Zagreb. In other cities, site visits were organised for the University of Split Faculty of Chemistry and Technology and School of Medicine, University of Zadar Department of Health Studies, University of Rijeka Department of Biotechnology and School of Medicine, and University J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek School of Medicine.

In April, site visits took place at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Science, University of Zadar Department of Geography, University of Osijek Departments of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, University of Rijeka Departments of Informatics, Physics and Mathematics, the Croatian Catholic University and the University North.

In May, site visits were organised for University of Zagreb School Medicine, Academy of Dramatic Art, Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Law, University of Dubrovnik Department for Professional Studies and Department of Art and Restoration, University of Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts and Faculty of Law, and arts academies of the universities in Osijek and Split.