Skoči do sadržaja

In accordance with the Re-accreditation Plan, in 2019 expert panels visited the following higher education institutions:
• RIT Croatia
• EFFECTUS University College for Law and Finance
• Velika Gorica Polytechnic,
• Aspira University College of Management and Design,
• VERN Polytechnic
• College for Management in Tourism and Informatics in Virovitica
• College for Information Technologies in Zagreb
• Zagreb School of Business
• Polytechnic of Bjelovar
• College Algebra
• Polytechnic of Šibenik,
• Polytechnic “Marko Marulić” in Knin
• RRiF College for Financial Management
• Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić
• Polytechnic of Požega,
• University of Zagreb Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology 

Upon the completion of the re-accreditation procedure, the evaluation report and accreditation recommendation will be published on the Agency’s website for each higher education institution.